• Sector: Power

  • Client: UK Power Networks

  • Duration: 3 weeks

  • Completed: Oct 2021

  • Location: Sidcup, Kent

  • Value: £35k

Description: Ruxley Sub Station near Sidcup in Kent had been subject to ongoing upgrade works and Falco was awarded a contract under the Substations Framework to carry out permanent reinstatement works.

This required the removal of approximately 11 linear metres of existing timber trench and embankment support to a joint bay and the installation of permanent gabion baskets to retain the existing unstable sub structure and provide permanent support to the embankment. The works also involved the backfilling of an open joint bay with formation of a concrete slab and construction of an earth pit and dwarf wall.

Prior to the works a risk assessment was conducted to identify any hazards and measures to maintain health & safety on-site. With reference to the construction drawings prepared by Andrews Associates a safe method of work (RAMS) was established, documented and following approval used for induction purposes and reference.

Falco consulted with permanent and temporary works designers and used a risk-based methodology which allowed the existing temporary works to be removed in two metre sections while the new gabion basket profile was installed.

The site was congested and adjacent to a very busy road with limited footprint for parking or storage. Due to the lack of space deliveries were micro-manged by our Site Manager. The gabion stone was delivered to site in 10-tonne consignments and wastes were removed to a local materials recycling facility by a licenced haulier using a mobile grab lorry on an on-demand basis.

Construction of the gabions progressed as per the agreed construction sequence and quality was controlled using an inspection test form.
On completion the work was inspected by the client, our quality controls were checked and signed to confirm compliance.
All operatives and staff working on-site were UKPN Sub Station trained to ensure they had an understanding of the risks associated with working within a live substation.

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