Falco Construction Limited is an employee-owned company. In 2021 the company, established by Brendan Griffin in 2004, transitioned its ownership structure to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

Many of Falco’s twenty-seven full-time staff had been with the firm throughout its rapid development and the transition to employee ownership was the logical next step in the company’s development.

The creation of the EOT enables us to preserve the legacy of the Falco brand and maintain its status as an established partner for utility providers well into the future. This development safeguards the future of Falco for the benefit of its future leaders and employees and acknowledges their contribution to the company’s development and gives all employees an opportunity to share in its continued success, since by creating an ownership culture we can more effectively incentivise and accelerate growth.

It has been very much business as usual for Falco’s customers and stakeholders. Brendan Griffin sits on the EOT board and continues in his hands-on role as Managing Director while our existing management and operational teams have also remained in place. Customers however enjoy the benefits that come from working with an engaged and aligned business with motivated staff.

Falco has joined the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), a body which represents EOTs and which works closely with its members to champion, promote and provide insight into the business case for employee ownership.

By aligning the interests of the business and its employees Falco will benefit from greater staff engagement and commitment which can only strengthen the company’s performance which will hopefully provide the platform for continued long-term sustainable growth.

An EOT is a special form of employee benefit trust introduced by the Government in September 2014 in an attempt to encourage more shareholders to set up a corporate structure which facilitates wider employee-ownership, albeit via an indirect holding company.

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