Falco Construction operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) which is certificated against International Standard ISO 14001. The system provides us with the framework to ensure we comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimises the impact our works have on the local environment as well as their consequences for Global Climate Change.

For each project or contract we carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment which identifies the key issues to be managed: Typically these include:


We use the very latest plant and equipment which minimise the emissions of noise and vibration. Noisy works are routinely undertaken ‘out of hours’ and within noise barriers; noise, vibration and air quality monitoring at the perimeter of site provide evidence of compliance with Section 61 notices and planning constraints; we apply robust systems for capturing waste water and preventing contamination during underground works.


We have experience of preparing and maintaining site waste management plans (SWMPs) which detail the quantities and destinations of all excavation and other wastes we produce. Where possible wastes will be segregated on-site and removed to local partners for recycling.

Carbon management

We implement a number of measures to reduce our energy consumption and therefore the carbon footprint of our activities i.e. using local resources and fuel management systems are installed in our fleet of vehicles. Our registration with the ‘Sustainability School’ enables us to use their self assessment tool gather and processes data on energy consumption and equivalent carbon emissions.


We have experience of implementing measures to preserve the biodiversity of areas in which we work which comply with environmental directives.

Local Community

We acknowledge our responsibilities to minimise disturbance and disruption to the local area and community. During the pre-construction phase we will consult with all relevant authorities to obtain the required permitting. A traffic management plan will typically be prepared and submitted for approval to the Local Authority for works that may affect public highways.

All of these impacts and activities are documented and can be submitted to environmental consultants to contribute to compliance with the civil engineering sustainability standard CEEQUAL.

Client Testimonial

We were very impressed with Falco’s delivery of one of the more challenging cable installation projects we have commissioned. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Shaun Rulton, Senior Project Manager, Dunamis

We have been very impressed with the way Falco micro-managed a challenging programme of FLIPs installations in the Borough to minimise the disruption to the residents involved.

Lee Currie, Environmental Dept, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

We are so pleased with the new Pumping Station installation (FLIP) in Putney. What was a complex and difficult task involving planning issues, significant spoil removal and excavation in a confined space was swiftly completed by the team at Falco.

Carl Leadbeater, Head of Waste Networks, Thames Water

Falco’s team worked with ourselves and other third parties such as Drax in a very professional and competent manner to get work completed to Thames Water requirements.

Abi Elmhori, Project Manager, Agility Alliance KCD

It is a great advantage for us to have a subcontractor with expertise in both power and water disciplines.

Mick Walsh, Construction Project Manager, Tideway Central

Falco’s performance in delivering challenging projects within a tight timescale is outstanding. Their range skills and capabilities combined with an ability to overcome obstacles and devise innovative solutions are keys to its success. Their team’s ability to seamlessly manage a number of different stakeholders and interfaces to get-the-job-done is also extremely impressive.

Tony Harrage, Technical Coordinator FLIPS Team, Thames Water

Falco discharged their duties with great care and professionalism. Their multi-disciplined team seamlessly accommodated fluctuations in programme and unexpected challenges that occurred during the Counters Creek project.

Kevin Parcell, Contract Director, Morrison Utilities Services

Falco undertake works in a very professional manner delivering to the required quality and met the time and cost deliverables with an excellent safety culture throughout.

Mick Walsh, Construction Project Manager, Tideway Central

Falco have provided an excellent service to Galliford Try. Our teams have worked well together to deliver on-programme and meet the needs of our client, stakeholders and Thames Water customers. Customer service has been excellent resulting in a number of written commendations from customers.

Andy Wolfe, Senior Project Manager, MGjv

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