• Sector: Water

  • Client: Thames Water

  • Duration: 16 weeks

  • Completed: Nov 2013

  • Location: Hemel Hempstead

  • Value: £280k

Description: As an approved Lot 5 framework contractor for Thames Water, we were appointed as Principal Contractor to carry out a Foul Water Sewer Requisition Scheme in Hertfordshire.

Part of the scope required us to plan, apply for and manage road closures and Streetworks Permits with Hertfordshire Highways.
The project involved the construction of two 8-10 metre deep caisson shafts, the installation of 8 metre deep pipework within a timber heading and installation of 55 metres of 225mm sewer using no-dig methods.

We also undertook on-line upsizing of the existing sewer in highway as flood mitigation, which included managing live flows. The project featured a number of challenges. Very deep excavations were required near existing foundations. The risks were managed by selecting appropriate earth support methods and excavation techniques to suit the prevailing ground conditions.

The work was carried out in a residential area which required us to manage noise and dust emissions during the works by selecting super-silent equipment, damping down access roads and maintaining a programme of regular mechanical road sweeping.

As often occurs with below ground works, a number of unforeseen conditions were encountered during the works which required reactive changes to the project’s design.

We helped to minimise delays arising from the changes by proactively contributing options for design solutions and leveraging our supply chain partners to procure alternative materials and equipment at short notice.

Falco Construction is approved by Thames Water to act as Principal Contractor for delivery of capital schemes up to £1 million in value.

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