Terry McHugh’s Tenure as a Director of the EOT is due to come to an end in Feb 2024 and we need to find a successor.

All beneficiaries are invited to put themselves forward for the following role:


Role: Employee Trustee Director – The Granard EOT Limited

Effective Date: March 1st, 2024

Term: Three Years


Click for: Notice for Nominations

Click for: Nomination Form


The Employee Trustee Director is the representative of the eligible employees of Falco Construction Limited and his/her/their role is to act as a conduit for communications between the Employee Forum and the board of The Granard EOT Limited.  The board meets every quarter, with a full board pack being provided ahead of each meeting.

The Employee Trustee Director is appointed by the Employee Forum but does not sit on this forum, although they may attend from time-to-time.

The deadline for nominations is February 19th, 2024.

Please Note: This is a self-nomination process.  Any potential nominee should express an interest by email to Coral Macfarlane (coral.macfarlane@falcoconstruction.co.uk), the President of the Employee Forum, by the deadline.  If there is more than one nominee, then there will be a ballot carried out during February 2024.


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