London-based utilities contractor Falco is on track to make significant savings on its Ford Transit van fleet annual repairs bill after installing a range of TVL Security products.

Falco reports that repair and replacements resulting from criminal attacks on its vehicles typically cost the company approximately £80,000 per year. However, since equipping one hundred new vans with TVL Security’s highly-effective crime prevention systems it has recorded just two attempted break-ins, which were both unsuccessful.

Jason Shreeve, Fleet & Facilities Manager at Falco, says: “TVL is our go-to supplier for all our vehicle security needs and we have a very close relationship with its team.

“The results we’ve seen from our most recent additions are remarkable. It goes to show not just the value of having a visual deterrent in place, but how effective TVL Security’s products are in the real world – we’ve no doubt that if our vans were attacked again they would be more than up to the task of protecting our fleet.”

Falco’s new vans feature an array of TVL’s products. This includes the external ArmourShell which features a unique-angled design to deflect direct blows and the RepLock, a high-security cylinder that prevents thieves from picking the driver’s door to gain access.

Also installed is the HookLock which introduces an independent secondary mortise lock, loom guards and deadlocks on the front doors of the vans. Falco has also specified a code-operated OBD Port Protector and ProtektaPlate latch protection on both the side and rear doors as well as a Gemini Euro 6 Thatcham CAT 1 (CAT 2-1) alarm system fitted to the vehicle along with and additional PIR sensor in the rear of the vehicle.

“With thieves resorting to more aggressive entry methods, it is crucial that fleets go above and beyond when protecting their mobile assets,” says Laura Moran, Managing Director, TVL Group. “We’re delighted that Falco sees the meticulous attention to detail we put into designing our products and that they have proved so effective for them.”

Falco’s new Ford vans were shipped directly from the manufacturer to ProtectAVan for fit out, with installations taking place between August and November 2022. A further nine similarly equipped vans are due to be delivered shortly.

Founded in 2004, Falco operates a 140-strong van fleet working across the South East and London, helping the company carry out new installations, fault repair and ongoing maintenance to underground utility infrastructure.

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