Utilities contractor Falco reduced its carbon emissions by over a third in 2022. When factoring-in the increase in business (largely due to the expansion of our UKPN work to include LPN and more remote areas of EPN) it revealed a 34% decrease in relative carbon emissions.

Support Services Director, who is responsible for the company logistics operations commented:

“Over 90% of our energy is consumed by transport i.e. getting plant, equipment and operatives to and from sites of planned and responsive repairs and maintenance of utilities infrastructure,” he said, “It has made sense, therefore, that we have concentrated our efforts to reduce fuel consumption from transport as the most significant early win in our holistic carbon reduction strategy.”

Click to download Falco’s second Corporate Carbon Footprint Report

Alan’s team needed to replace and expand the company’s fleet in 2022. After considerable research of the market they settled upon the Ford Transit (L3H3 RWD – 2.0 TDCi EcoBlue – 170PS) as the standard model to replace their existing fleet of operational vans.

The Ford Transit vehicle is more fuel efficient and with a Euro 6.2 Engine and use of AdBlue emits far less pollutants. Despite difficulties in the supply chain due to COVID, we were able to roll-out a wholesale replacement of 140 vehicles during 2022.

Falco also made-good on its 2018 commitment to transition to full EV when the last of its hybrid vehicles were replaced by electric models in 2022. The next target on the road map is to transition vehicles used by Site Agents and supervisors to EV by the end of 2025.

Analysis of telematics data from our fleet management system JobWatch has allowed our transport team to identify and address driver behaviour which includes instruction in techniques to boost fuel efficiency.

Finally in 2022 we implemented a programme to redeploy teams based on their residential locations by clustering the allocation of field staff by proximity to their local dept which has significantly reduce journey distances.

Further initiatives to reduce the company’s carbon emissions will be published in Falco’s first Net Zero Plan which is expected to be available later in 2023.

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